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Train His or Her Brain Silently

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Have you ever thought that if you had the chance you would change your spouse’s bad habits. With Silent subliminal messages you can do just that. Tired of that toilet seat being up even though you have told him time and time again to put it down? Does she take way to long in the bathroom every morning? Maybe she wants to lose a few pounds or he wants to be better at night. These things and more could be achieved with the help of silent subs. […]

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Produce your own Silent Subliminal Audio

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Produce silent subliminal messages with your own affirmations that aim directly at the issue you are dealing with. With the ability to record your own silent subliminals you can immediately begin your journey towards change in your self or spouse Help stop your smokingLose some weightMake more moneyHelp your spouse change deep beliefsBecome self confident and get what you want in life. We highly recommend this software highly for all sub messages from silent to masked with ocean sounds, rain sounds and so on. you can use […]

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Subliminal Wife Training

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Using the Silent power of super ultra and subsonic subliminally encoded mp3 audio files, you can lead your wives or husbands release embedded hangups with such things as oral sex, or abnormal frigidity, or maybe old religious beliefs against a little rear entry. You can have everything you need for your husbands or wives to unleash the hidden inside sex crazed nymphomaniac you know they could be. You can form affirmations training your husband or wife to ask for multible orgasms during sex. The longer she hears […]

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Best Sub Audio Around-Change Your Life with Silent Subliminal Messages

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Suppose someone told you it was possible to increase your productivity, lose weight, gain confidence, enhance your memory, or learn a language… just by sitting in front of your computer screen and getting on with your work.   If that’s really feasible, it’s a bit of a no-brainer, isn’t it? Lose weight or learn French without even getting out of your chair. Keep on doing what you normally do every day and improve the quality of your life at the same time, without expending any additional effort. […]

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A Different Approach For Brain Training

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Life has too many struggles and people can get desperate at times. In face of so many troubles you may want to quit. You can choose to be high with drugs or you can choose to help yourself. Some choose an approach that may seem a little too eccentric yet has no side effects. All you need is to believe and see the effects; this is when they opt for the use of silent subliminal messages. What Is It? This is a method on which you embed […]

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Silent Subliminal Messages: Are They Too Good To Be True?

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Silent silent subliminal messages are made silent because they are recorded at very high frequencies that are not really masked by music, noise, or any other sound. The amazing thing about silent silent subliminals is that even though they can’t be heard, they have a great effect on the minds of people who are able to hear them. The silent subliminals infiltrate individuals’ minds unconsciously and all information are also encoded in the unconscious mind of a person. Subliminal messages have gathered a lot of sceptics because […]

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