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Silent Subliminal Training of your Wife or Husband

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Want to use silent subliminals to train your spouse but not sure how? We feel you there. Finding the right set of subliminal message to train your wife or husband could be a challenge but we have you covered. We will begin releasing sets of silent subliminals geared towards you achieving happiness in your relationship. We will have asexual and other commonly asked for sessions. With our audios you can help train your husband to a. lower the toliet seat, or b. take out the garbage. You […]

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Subliminal Advertising – How To Use It

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Some of us scoff at silent subliminal advertising techniques. We like to think our minds are entirely logical and immune to the influence of others. This just isn’t true, as any good salesman knows. After studying the subject for some time, I have come to accept that I will not just buy things, but I will be “sold” things, even by way of silent subliminal techniques. What I CAN do is learn the techniques that are used on me. Then, if I want to, I can use […]

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Black or White Manipulation

There are a lot of movies, stories and news today about alien abductions and other paranormal happenings. Telekinesis, mind reading and other skills are said to exist. Sometimes topics like these are laugh trips for you. But what if you just learned that you are actually being subjected into something that just sounds as hocus-pocus as those mentioned above? A Driving Force How would you feel if you find out that you are being manipulated to do a certain action or behave in a certain way without […]

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Be In Charge of Your Life Now!

One good way of gaining control back in your life is by silent subliminal messages. This kind of messaging system works by putting a secret message within another message. The subconscious mind is said to be able to pick up these subconscious messages and in effect you are able to do what ever the message tells you to do. It can help you alter unwanted behaviors. For example, you want to stop smoking and have a much healthier life style. You can get a message that helps […]

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