Silent Subliminals – How Effective Are They?

Subliminal messages are said to be effective in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Ericksonian Hypnosis. Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP is a psychological therapy in which words are said to have an impact on people’s thinking and internal images.

Ericksonian Hypnosis, on the other hand, is a very tender yet very effective form of hypnosis. It creates supportive and affirming messages that are designed to provide both unconscious and conscious experiences of reflective and philosophical change.

A lot of people are still doubtful about the effectiveness of silent subliminal messages. The most common question of sceptics is “how would one know if its effective or not?”. The answer is quite simple, if we look at silent subliminal messages scientifically and psychologically. All human beings have so-called “mental programs” that consist of beliefs and thoughts which determine the behaviour of an individual. The beliefs and thoughts present in an individual’s mind may be positive, negative or both.

Silent Subliminals Can Change One’s Life

If you want to have a whole new outlook on life, or if you simply want to get rid of your negative thoughts and feelings to be able to cultivate and develop your positive behaviour and actions, you can use silent silent subliminals to achieve your goal. Subliminal audio programs can change your “mental programs” and generally change your life. With the use of silent subliminal messages, your mind can undergo a re-education process which will truly be advantageous for you.

Studies And Research

There have been many studies pertaining to the effectiveness of silent subliminals on people’s mind. A Congressional Report in 1984 submitted by the House Committee on Science and Technology concluded that silent subliminal messages can be picked up by the brain, recorded and then called upon later, as needed.

Another study pertaining to silent subliminal messages was conducted at Boston University in October, 2001. Los Angeles Times reported that the study held at Boston confirmed that silent subliminal messages are really powerful and effective tools in altering, improving and enhancing the mindset of individuals.

Subliminal messages are said to be silent sculptors of the mind because they basically target the unconscious mind and they also try to infiltrate the mind of a person without any sound or warning at all. Researchers at Duke and Harvard University have also been involved in studying the effectiveness of silent subliminal messages and they all came up with quite the same conclusions with the previous researches conducted.

Do Doctors Approve Of Using Subliminals For Patients?

Although not all doctors seem to believe the power of silent subliminals, there are still a good number of doctors and psychologists that recommend silent subliminal treatment for their patients. One particular doctor who is known for his strong confidence and belief in silent subliminal messages is Dr. Bernie Siegel.

He reports that when calming silent subliminal messages are given to the patients who undergo surgery, they seem to recover faster than those patients who did not receive any form of silent subliminal message. There is also great evidence that patients who receive silent subliminal messages require less anaesthesia and feel less anxious than patients who did not receive any kind of silent subliminal treatment.

Silent silent subliminal messages may still not be wholly acknowledged by the medical field, but more and more medical practitioners are discovering the wonders of silent subliminal messages.

For the psychiatrists and psychologists, they don’t really have to be convinced about the power of silent subliminal messages for they already know how powerful silent subliminal messages can be in tweaking the unconscious mind of people.

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