Silent Subliminal Training of your Wife or Husband

Want to use silent subliminals to train your spouse but not sure how?

We feel you there. Finding the right set of subliminal message to train your wife or husband could be a challenge but we have you covered.

We will begin releasing sets of silent subliminals geared towards you achieving happiness in your relationship. We will have asexual and other commonly asked for sessions.

With our audios you can help train your husband to a. lower the toliet seat, or b. take out the garbage. You can train your wife to maybe a. prepare more of your favorite meals or b. keep cold beer available at all times. We also have sessions that help your wife or mate find more enjoyment in giving oral sex every night or maybe the woman would like her mates tongue run across her clitoris nightly.

This and more will be available soon at down to earth prices.

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