Subliminal Wife Training

Using the Silent power of super ultra and subsonic subliminally encoded mp3 audio files, you can lead your wives or husbands release embedded hangups with such things as oral sex, or abnormal frigidity, or maybe old religious beliefs against a little rear entry. You can have everything you need for your husbands or wives to unleash the hidden inside sex crazed nymphomaniac you know they could be.

You can form affirmations training your husband or wife to ask for multible orgasms during sex. The longer she hears your mp3, the hornier she will be. It won’t be long before you always hear her beg to come when you’re teasing them, playing with them , or mounting him or her.

Affirmations can include thier desire for an increased sexual appetite, a always growning desire to orgasm and a never ending need to be taken by thier partner.

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